About Waterboy Supply Centre

Waterboy Supply has been helping people with their turf irrigation, pond, and indoor gardening projects for almost 20 years. Our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly staff can offer value added service and advice for our customers needs. We have the added luxury of being able to field test most of our products before deciding if it is a product that will benefit our customers.

We are constantly searching the world for the best products at the best possible price. Our objective is not only to have available to our customers the latest in technology but also that which has proven itself reliable and economical. We only sell our customers what they need and what will work for their particular need. Our clients have come trust us for the right answer. This is what sets Waterboy apart from other companies; our personable service and care for our clients.

Waterboy has stayed in touch with what our clients desire, from C.A.D. irrigation designs, to drip irrigation designs for outdoor specialty crops, to state of the art indoor gardening techniques. We strive to keep our clients coming back again. They are our best referral.